e-Maritime Import Spreadsheets

For your convenience TTBizLink has created Pre-arrival and Pre-departure Import Spreadsheets in the commonly used Microsoft Excel® format. These can be completed offline and subsequently imported into your e-Maritime Services account to generate your declarations. This provides an alternative to data entry in the online web forms
Pre-Arrival-Import Test Spec
Pre-Departure-Import Test Spec
Please note:
  1. Some fields use Codes (Country, Port, Purpose, Gender, Yes/No, etc.). A comprehensive listing of codes is found on
the second worksheet entitled "Reference".
2. The format for Date fields is DD/MM/YYYY. e.g. 20/12/2014
3. The format for Date and Time fields is DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM. e.g. 20/12/2014 02:00.
4. Fields marked in red are mandatory and must be completed.
5. Users are advised to review the imported data for completeness prior to submission.
Users must first register for an account with TTBizLink to access the e-Maritime Services module.
For information on registration click here or contact the TTBizLink Help Desk toll-free number at 800-4739.

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